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Terms and Regulation

Article 1. Definitions
1. "Exhibition" means Korea International Advanced Farm Exhibition 2019
2. Exhibitors shall submit the completed application form to the organizer and booth fee shall be paid by October 11, 2019
3. "Exhibitors" mean any companies, associations, organizations or individuals that have submitted the completed application form and paid the due payment.

Article 2. Application Submission and Participationn
1. The minimum rental space to be assigned to each exhibitor is 9m2 If anyex hibitor wants an extra exhibit space, it may be additionally assigned in theunit of 9m2 by request.
2. Exhibitors shall submit the completed application form to the organizer and pay a deposit (50% of the total cost for booth space). The application shall be considered to have been made upon receipt of the deposit. The remaining 50% and other required fees shall be paid by by October 11, 2019.

Article 3. Operation of Exhibition Hall
1. The organizer shall operate the exhibition hall for six days as described below:
A : Setting-up : October 28 - October 29
B : Exhibit : October 30 - November 1
C : Dismantle : November 1 (17:00-24:00)
2. During setting-up and dismantling days, hours for access to the exhibit space is 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Any exhibitor who needs additional hours for required works shall pay extra charges for overtime use of the exhibition space.

Article 4. Assignment of Exhibition Space
1. The organizer shall assign the exhibition space in accordance with the order of application submitted, nature of exhibits, area of requested exhibition space, and other reasonable criteria. Exhibitors are not allowed to make any objection to the assignment of exhibition space by the organizer.
2. The organizer shall have the right to change the location and/or area of the assigned booth by agreement with exhibitors for the purpose of constructing the exhibition space more efficiently. In this case, the exhibitors shall cooperate with the organizer, except for any uncontrollable reasons such as force majeure.
3. Exhibitors are not allowed to sublet assigned space, either wholly or in part, to other exhibitors, without the prior permission of the organizer.

Article 5.Management of Exhibit Space
1. Exhibitor shall display exhibits listed in the application form and set personnel during the official opening hours.
2. Exhibitor shall be responsible for management of exhibits and other related equipment. The organizer shall not be liable for material damages caused due to any accidents, such as theft, fire or breakage, in the exhibit space. It shall be the sole responsibility of the exhibitors to obtain insurance covering the exhibits.
3. If any exhibitor displays different exhibits not listed in the application form or other exhibits which may detract from the character of the exhibition, or canvasses in exhibit halls, the organizer shall have the right to instruct the exhibitor to stop or remove exhibition or take out the exhibits in question from exhibit halls immediately.
4. The organizer may prohibit any person from entering the exhibit halls, if necessary.

Article 6. Installation and Removal
Installation and removal shall be completed prior to the date specified by the organizer, and the exhibitor shall compensate the organizer for all the damage to exhibit hall.

Article 7. Display Restriction and Fire Safety
1. The exhibitor's booth shall not exceed the height specified by the organizer, on the basis of the size and location.
2. Only fireproof materials shall be used for the display materials of the exhibitor's booth space, in compliance with regulations of fire safety, and the organizer reserves the right to ask for any proper corrective action.

Article 8. Cancellation Policy
Should the exhibitor refuse to use a part or all of the reserved booth space, or fail to pay the deposit on or before the specified date, the organizer has full authority to cancel the contracted application, and the paid deposit shall not be refunded.

Article 9. Penalty from Cancellation or Reduction of Booth Space 
1. If for any reason the exhibitor chooses to cancel participation in the exhibition after turning in the application, down payment shall not be returned to the exhibitor.
2. In case that the exhibitor makes a cancellation after the submission of application, they are obligated to pay cancellation penalty within 15 days from withdrawal. However, pre-paid participation fee will be deducted from the cancellation penalty. Additional payment should be made if the latter exceeds and a refund will be made if the former exceeds.
A. Cancelation by October 11 : No Penalty
B. Cancelation after October 12 : No refund(100% of participation fee, VAT inclusive)
3 . Cancellation fees can not be transferred to be used in the next exhibition.

Article 10. Change of the Exhibition
Shall the organizer change or cancel the exhibition by reason of force majeure beyond the control of the organizer, the exhibitor shall not ask the organizer to compensate for the loss concerning the application.

Article 11. Sound Restriction within Exhibit Space
1. The organizer reserves the right to restrict loud sound devices if the exhibitor's sound device is considered to be objectionable to neighboring exhibitors, and the restricted exhibitor shall not ask the organizer to compensate for its compensation.
2. The exhibitor shall not be permitted to host a private event in the exhibit corridor.

Article 12. Compliance with Exhibit Manual, Supplementary Regulations and Rules
1. The organizer shall provide the exhibitor with an exhibit manual designed for exhibition.
2. The organizer is authorized to establish any supplementary regulations, if necessary, and the exhibitors shall comply with the supplementary regulations, as well as with the regulations and rules.
3. The exhibitor shall observe the exhibition regulations specified by KINTEX. 

Article 13. Provisional Interpretation and Arbitration
1. In the event that any discrepancy or difference arises between the exhibitor and organizer, in connection with the regulations and rules, it shall be interpreted and governed by the decision of the organizer.
2. The dispute and conflict arising from this exhibition between the organizer and exhibitor shall be settled by arbitration of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

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